The short:

PianoDreamers shares useful info and key insights into the captivating world of pianos, whether acoustic or digital. We also explore the world of music at large.

You’ll revel in our in-depth guides and reviews that are packed with practical tips and tricks to boost your piano and keyboard competency. You’ll also gain valuable knowledge about synthesizers, piano learning, musical production, and so much more.

Lucas Welter PianoDreamers

The long:

As an avid piano dreamer, I, Lucas, have immersed myself in all things keyboards and music for more than 12 years. This captivating journey has inspired me to share all that I’ve learned with my fellow pianists and musicians. That’s why I launched the PianoDreamers blog in 2016.

I’ve collaborated first-hand with many accomplished musicians and participated in numerous musical projects of note. From teaching to performance, consultation to making music, I’ve been turning my piano dreams into reality for more than a decade.

You’ll be fascinated to know that I worked as a dedicated consultant for an upstanding music store in Bruges, Beligum in the piano and keyboard department. I found joy in pairing every player with a set of keys that would bring their personal piano-playing dreams to life.

This role rewarded me with a passionate and comprehensive perspective of the musical keyboard industry.


As a 6-year old boy, I received my first piano lessons, practicing away on an old Schimmel upright owned by my grandparents, well before digital pianos had flooded the market.

As a teen 10 years later, I knew very little about life or my future. I only knew that my passion was music and I dreamt of following that passion as far as it would take me.

That’s when I received my first keyboard, a Yamaha P60. This key event introduced me to the marvelous world of digital pianos.

Lucas Welter Childhood

These mysterious electronic devices mesmerized me, promising all sorts of possibilities which standard acoustic pianos were unable to offer.

At age 20, I decided to learn more about these fascinating instruments and applied for a job in the keyboard department of a nearby music store.

I researched digital pianos and keyboards in great depth and did everything I could to keep up with the rapid developments of this fast-changing platform. I aimed to provide my customers with the best possible keyboard advice around.

During this exploratory journey, I discovered – to my surprise – that few websites offered quality, accurate info about digital pianos and electronic keyboards. I struggled to find in-depth reviews of relevant models or to obtain basic data and guidance about the expanding digital piano world.

Two years ago, after completing a major project and celebrating my 30th birthday, I determined to take the lead. I would provide the world with the resource I had desperately wanted but never found.

I named this project “PianoDreamers” and launched it as a one-man band. Then I partnered with my friend Mikita, who manages the tech side of things (like site management, coding, graphic design, etc.).


My past work experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of the industry, especially when it comes to musical instruments. But let’s be honest, you can’t be an expert on everything!

To provide high-quality, valuable perspective on relevant topics beyond my expertise, I teamed up with other skilled contributors. They are experts in their fields who kindly share their knowledge through posts on this site.

PianoDreamers contributors

A big thanks to Shao Ren, Ben Knight, Samantha van der Sluis, Thomas Overmiller, Anna Kotousov, Chris Skipper, and Andre Angelo! These fellow piano dreamers have joined me by sharing their extensive knowledge of keyboard performance, piano pedagogy, music composition, audio production, and more.

If you are a piano dreamer like me and have something to add to this blog, then by all means, please drop me an email. I’d be thrilled to consider partnering with you too!