Digital Pianos & Keyboards: Christmas Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have ended, but the shopping season is only getting started!

Christmas is just around the corner, which means we need to think about what gifts we want to give to our loved ones.

…and what could be a better gift than a brand new digital piano or keyboard?! This time of the year, there are many Christmas sales happening at Amazon, Sweetwater and Guitar Center.

For those who are in the market for a digital piano (and any other music gear), it’s a great opportunity to save some money and buy your desired model at a discounted price.

Below, I’ve listed all the sales and deals available at this moment that I could find.

Update 5 p.m November 30: Some of the Cyber Monday deals have ended but there are still a lot of great deals that you can grab!

Digital Piano & Keyboard Deals

Amazon Deals

Amazon Cyber Monday

Based on the previous years, Amazon don’t keep the Black Friday sale for long and switch their focus to Cyber Monday as soon as Friday ends. Most of their Cyber Monday deals are the same, so there’s definitely a lot of overlapping going on.

There are some interesting deals available in Amazon’s Musical Instruments department, including a few digital pianos and portable keyboards.

Sweetwater Deals

Sweetwater Cyber Monday

Yesterday Sweetwater announced their Cyber Monday sale, which they traditionally call Cyber Week.

Many of their Black Friday deals are still available, so take advantage while it lasts, especially considering that last year most of the deals weren’t even real discounts and included small gifts (e.g. accessories, subscriptions, etc.) due to keyboard supply shortages.

Guitar Center Deals

Guitar Center Cyber Monday
Guitar Center, one of the biggest and most reputable music retailers in the US (along with Sweetwater) also kicked off their Cyber Monday Sale today, and it looks like it’s gonna last only ONE DAY (Nov 28). After that, they’re switching to Holiday Deals.

There are some great deals available for Casio, Yamaha and Korg keyboards.

Gear4Music & Thomann (UK, Europe & Canada) Deals

Gear4music Thomann Cyber Monday

I don’t remember Thomann ever having any special deals around Black Friday, but this time is different! Just before Black Friday, they launched their Cyberweek sale, which offers up to 60% discounts and ends on November 28.

Also, keep in mind that Thomann’s prices are already some of the lowest out there.

Gear4Music, which is another major music retailer based in the UK, also have a few interesting deals available on their Black Friday Sale page, though just as in Thomann’s case, don’t expect a ton of keyboard deals here. Traditionally, European retailers have lower prices compared to the US and they don’t run as many sales.

Amazon UK and Amazon Canada have several pages of Musical Instrument deals but I haven’t yet found many digital pianos/keyboards on sale there.

Here are all of the deals I found that are already LIVE! 🎹

Brand-Wide Sales

Casio Digital Pianos & Keyboards (up to $100 off)

Casio have been dominating the entry-level digital piano market for quite a while now, and slowly but surely they are introducing new innovative products in higher price ranges (e.g. their Hybrid GP series).

The company is no longer associated with cheap plasticky keyboards. They have been consistently releasing new quality digital pianos with an affordable price tag, which pushed the market to new limits.

Casio instruments have been featured on most if not all of our top lists this year and, based on the polls on our blog, they have been among the best-sellers in almost every low-end and mid-range category.

Here are some of the popular digital pianos that are now on sale (click on the model to read our in-depth review of it):

1) Casio Casiotone CT-S410 | Guitar Center

2) Casio CDP-S110 | Guitar Center

3) Casio CDP-S160 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

4) Casio CDP-S360 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

5) Casio PX-S1100 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

6) Casio PX-S3100 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

7) Casio PX-870 | Sweetwater | Amazon

Roland Digital Pianos & Keyboards (up to $500 off)

This year Roland surprised us with their own brand-wide sale, which didn’t happen over the last few years. With the new updates to their FP & RP/F series, Roland digital pianos remain one of the highest-quality instruments on the market.

Last year there were some stock issues with many popular Roland models. This year not only can we enjoy many of the keyboards being back in stock but also some nice discounts on many of Roland’s best sellers!

Here are some of the popular digital pianos that are now on sale (click on the model to read our in-depth review of it):

1) Roland GO:KEYS | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

2) Roland GO:PIANO | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

3) Roland GO:PIANO88 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

4) Roland FP-30X | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

5) Roland FP-90X | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

6) Roland RP102 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

7) Roland JUNO-DS61 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

8) Roland JUNO-DS88 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

9) Roland RD-88 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

10) Roland RD-2000 | Sweetwater | Guitar Center | Amazon

Portable Keyboard Deals

Yamaha PSR-E373 (15% off)

Featured in our best beginner keyboards roundup the PSR-E373 is one of the best portable arranger keyboards you can get today.

It doesn’t have spectacular fully-weighted keys, but the realistic piano experience is not the focus of this type of keyboard anyway.

With that said, the PSR-E373 comes with a beautiful piano tone (pulled from Yamaha’s pro-grade workstation), 154 built-in songs, 205 accompaniment rhythms, a 2-track MIDI recorder, and many other cool features. In total, the keyboard features 622 tones, which is nothing to scoff at.

We’ve only touched the surface here, so if you want to learn more about this keyboard, check out our full review here.

Casio Casiotone CT-S410 (20% off)

A few years ago, Casio decided to pay tribute to their legendary Casiotone series by releasing a few new anniversary models, one of which topped our best beginner keyboards review.

Since then, Casio realsed a few other Casiotone models and it seems that they want to revive the Casiotone series altogether!

We haven’t had a chance to test out the CT-S410 yet, but judging by its smaller (but very successful) brother, the CT-S300, the CT-S410 seems like a very promising model.

Featuring a more advanced AiX sound engine that powers 600 tones and 200 accompaniment rhythms, a built-in display, and some nice stereo speakers, the CT-S410 is definitely among the best beginner keyboards you can get below $200.

Alesis Recital 61 (17% off)

The Alesis Recital is one of the best-selling portable keyboards for beginners. The 61-version capitalizes on the success of its older 88-key brother. This compact version of the original Recital comes with 61 semi-weighted keys, 10 voices, and dual 10W speakers.

If you’ve read our Best Beginner Keyboards comparison, you know that the Recital was featured there as one of the top picks, so if you’re after an affordable beginner keyboard that doesn’t break the bank, the Alesis Recital 61 is worth your consideration.

The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard (21% off)

This is the keyboard for someone who wants to make learning as fun as possible and prefers visual cues over everything else.

If you like the idea of pairing the keyboard to an app and getting access to various interactive features and learning materials, this is the option to consider.

The ONE Smart Piano would be a good choice for beginners and kids in particular as it aims to provide a fun game-like experience combined with hundreds of instrument sounds.

The highlight here is LED light-up keys, which will make learning even more intuitive, especially for visual learners.

There’s also a simpler, less advanced version of this keyboard called the ONE Smart Keyboard COLOR, which is available in some cool finishes and might be more suitable for younger kids.

Portable Digital Piano Deals

Yamaha P-45 ($50 off)

The P-45 is probably the most popular beginner digital piano on the market today.

Even though it was released quite a while ago, it still offers a lot of value for the price and has found thousands of fans over the years.

The Yamaha P-45 has been featured in our Best Beginner Digital Pianos guide, so this is a solid option to consider for sure.

You can read our full review of the Yamaha P-45 here.

Yamaha P-45 + Stand + Bench ($100 off)

If you’ve decided to purchase the Yamaha P45 but want a more home-friendly look, then you should consider getting this bundle, which includes the matching wooden stand (L85C) and the PKBB1 adjustable bench.

Nord Piano 5 73-key Stage Piano ($300 off)

The iconic red beast is rarely seen on sale but this year is an exception. The 73-key version of the latest Nord Piano 5 is now available at a discount and if you were thinking about investing in one of these beauties, now is your chance!

It’s hard to find a higher-quality and more recognizable stage piano out there. If you’ve ever been to a live performance, chances are you’ve seen one of these and there’s a reason for that. You simply can’t beat the versatility and interface design of Nord instruments. It’s that simple.

Our full review of the Nord Piano 4 (which is very similar to the Piano 5) can be found here.

Console Digital Piano Deals

Yamaha YDP-145 ($100 off)

The YDP-145 is a newly released home digital piano from Yamaha and a successor to the YDP-144, one of the best-selling console digital pianos on the market.

This model is very similar to the very popular portable P-125 model but comes with a furniture-style cabinet, a full set of pedals, and CFX sampling. So if you were considering the P-125 but were looking for something more acoustic-like, this is a great alternative to consider!

Yamaha YDP-165 ($200 off)

The YDP-165 is another new update to Yamaha’s Arius series and an older brother of the YDP-145. As expected, it comes with a few important upgrades over the YDP-145 including the GH3 key action and a more powerful speakers system.

Featured in our Best Home Digital Pianos guide, the YDP-165 packs a lot of value and allows you to get a similar level of realism as what the more advanced Clavinova line offers but at a more attractive price.

We just finished testing out the YDP-165, and while the review is still in the formatting process, we published it so you can read more about the instrument and our impressions.

Korg LP-380 ($50 off)

The Korg LP-380 is Korg’s mid-range digital piano that was released a while ago but is a great alternative to the newer C1 Air for those on a limited budget.

Until recently, the LP-380 was a flagship model in Korg’s range of home digital pianos.

But even now, after the G1 Air and the C1 Air have been released, the LP-380 is still a worthy piano that you can get for a very appealing price.

To see how the LP-380 compares to the market, check out our roundup article here.

Roland RP501R (26% off)

If you’ve read our F-140R review, then you’ll know that that instrument has a brother, which is called (you guessed it!), the RP501R. It’s basically the same instrument as the F-140R but in a different cabinet.

Unlike many other mid-range console digital pianos, this one comes with 316 tones and has some fun features that are not normally found on console digital pianos in the price range.

To see how the F-140R (and RP501R) compare to the market, check out our roundup article here.

Roland MP-200 (15% off)

Roland sells this model exclusively through Guitar Center stores. This digital piano seems to look identical to Roland’s own HP702, except the latter is available in most regions of the world and has a higher price tag.

We’ve toughed on Roland’s high-end HP range in our Best Premium Home Digital Pianos article.

The MP-200 features the same PHA-4 Standard hammer action keyboard as the RP501R but has a more advanced speaker system, a higher polyphony count, and a few extra features.

Synth & Music Workstation Deals

Roland FA-07 & FA-08 Music Workstation ($400 off)

While the JUNO-DS series are geared more towards beginners and intermediate players, the FA-series keyboards are considered fully-fledged music workstations.

In practice, this means you’re getting more sounds and effects, deeper editing capabilities, powerful recording and sampling features, and pretty much everything you need to make and record music.

I’d recommend these series to more advanced musicians who already have some experience with sound design.

Kurzweil PC4 Synthesizer Workstation ($500 off)

Back in the day, Kurzweil was known to be one of the drivers of innovation in the digital piano space. Unfortunately, this changed over time as the company’s popularity died off eventually.

This might be changing though with the release of this beast (and a few other promising models), which have been getting a lot of positive feedback from musicians around the world.

It would be easier for me to describe what the PC4 cannot do rather than tell you about all the sounds and features that are included. Just know that it’s a pro-grade stage piano/workstation that will take care of all imaginable (and unimaginable) music scenarios.

Kurzweil Forte 76-key Synthesizer ($1200 off)

The absolute powerhouse from Kurzweil and their most advanced music workstation yet. If you feel like the PC4 is not capable enough for your needs, check out this bad boy!

Korg i3 Music Arranger (11% off)

Korg’s entry-level workstation is a great introduction to the world of arranging and music production.

The Korg i3 is fairly portable and compact yet has a lot of power under its belt.

Coming with over 800 instrument sounds, 270 musical styles, 59 custom drum kits and powerful connectivity options, the i3’s capabilities are nothing to scoff at, especially considering the form factor and the affordable price.

If you’re looking for an affordable instrument to get your feet wet at arranging and music production, the Korg i3 is the keyboard to consider.

MIDI Keyboard Deals

Nektar Impact GX61 61-key Keyboard Controller ($30 off)

Another popular controller featured in our MIDI Keyboards guide. The GX61 comes with dedicated controls for navigating your DAW software, 8 assignable buttons and is compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS.

M-Audio Keystation 49es MK3 (25% off)

Very compact and no-frills MIDI controller from M-Audio. The 49es is a great affordable option for those looking for a portable MIDI keyboard with full-size keys and minimal features.

There is also a bunch of useful software included with the keyboard, so you’ll be able to start learning/making music right away!

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 (13% off)

Native Instruments is the biggest name in the business, and their plugins and hardware integrate well with each other. Their new Komplete Kontrol S series includes semi-weighted keyboards courtesy of Fatar.

The 49- and 61-key variants of the Komplete Control (henceforth known as the S49 and S61) are virtual carbon-copies of the Nord Stage 3 73’s semi-weighted keyboard, and I have to say they’re hard to beat.

These keyboards also include a high-resolution OLED display that gives you direct control of NKS supported plugins, something no other MIDI controller can attest to.

Studiologic SL88 Grand Hammer Action Keyboard Controller ($50 off)

The Studiologic SL88 Grand Hammer Action is one of the most popular 88-key fully-weighted MIDI controllers. The keyboard uses Fatar TP/40WOOD Graded Hammer Action and is featured in our best MIDI keyboards guide.

It’s definitely a worthy option to consider if you’re looking for a full-sized MIDI controller.

There’s also a Studio version of this keyboard available, which comes with a simpler keybed and a more lightweight body. The SL88 Studio features Fatar TP/100LR Hammer Action and is twice as cheap as the Grand version.

Kurzweil KM88 88-key Controller ($100 off)

A relatively new release by Kurzweil was well received by the community and is already gaining popularity in the field.

The KM88 comes with 88 fully weighted Real Piano Hammer-Action keys and offers 4 multi zones (for splitting & layering) as well as a programmable slider and buttons.

Alesis Q88 MKII (13% off)

A very affordable 88-key MIDI controller from Alesis. The keyboard comes with semi-weighted keys, pitch bend and modulation wheels as well as dedicated buttons for the octave transpose function.

If you’re looking for a simple full-wi MIDI controller to add to your studio, the Q88 MKII is a solid option.

Piano Apps & Courses

Playground Sessions (up to 70% off)

Playground Sessions is a subscription-based learning platform that teaches piano in a game-like fashion. Playground Sessions co-creator and music legend Quincy Jones says that the goal of his course is “to make learning piano as much fun as playing.”

Based on the polls, it’s the 2nd most popular online piano method among our readers out of 10 alternatives. Read our full review of the course to learn more.

Skoove (60% off)

Skoove is another popular method for beginners with a modern interface and versatile courses covering different genres.

Skoove provides sheet music and a keyboard demonstration with highlighted keys for every single lesson and song. This is great for visual learners and for making the connection between the keyboard, the sheet music, and the sound.

Our in-depth review of Skoove can be found here.

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